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About is owned and operated by K-Factor Technologies, Inc. was started in 1996 as an alternative to our traditional web hosting services offered under other brand names. offers several accounts on a limited availability basis and then closes down the ordering systems for new accounts for a period of time. Before the current availability round starting in October 2014, accounts were last available in 2005. We have have a few clients still using their accounts from 18 years ago, with many more that are 12 years old and longer. Our hosting packages are for those that wish to use a high powered hosting account that works for the average website found on the internet with out paying monthly or annually ... never pay a web hosting fee again!

About K-Factor Technologies, Inc.

Founded originally in 1992, we started out as a very small Graphics Design & Advertising Firm. Within three years we had acquired 3 graphic design firms, added a ISP and 4 computer stores in two states to our company. In 1996, a full service web technologies firm was spun off to specialize in emerging internet opportunities and draw upon our various skill sets at the same time. In January of 1999, we incorporated as K-Factor Technologies, Inc. Since then we have built one of the top ecommerce shopping cart software offerings, been a leader in logo creatiion services, built two payment processing gateways, and numerous other successful websites. Our products and services include e-commerce solutions & portals, SEO / SEM management, IT management, web development, web hosting, logo design, graphic design, business analysis, operations & project consulting, and much more.

Our outstanding successes through the years come from our commitment to superior service at a great value as well as from treating our employees and customers as our greatest assets. All our employees have ownership and/or profit sharing status in our company which allows them to take pride in and stand behind our products and services. We believe in the "no non-sense" approach to business with our vendors and customers and that has earned us the same type of reputation.

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